Get And Understand Everything You Needs Market Your Business In Nigeria

Target the Right Buyers, Understand Key Insights ,and make your outreach personalized .see why Reps /Professional Advertiser Using Sales Navigator Drive 8% Higher Win rates when closing Deals.

Get over 6milion Lagos and Abuja active GSM phone numbers database sorted by streets. For SMS broadcast marketing. 500,000 Corporate Leads from, 1Million Elite Nigerian.

To Capture Lagos /Abuja Market & Start Sell More ,More And Faster Like No other .

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Secret Of selling more, more and faster.

Get 1-16 e Course in Single Folder . Pillar of fundamental marketing that every business owner or marketer need to understand for you to identify, create content, to present your product and services to right market.

  1. Segmentation -Targeting – Positioning @N2500

2. Content Marketing@N2500

3. Location Based Marketing Geo Fencing@N2500

4. Buyer Persona@N2000

5. The Ultimate Guide to Finding Profitable Facebook Online Audience@N4000

6. How to Create a Facebook Business Page@N1000

7. How Do I Target Audience On Instagram@N1000

  1. A Guide to Google My Business@N1000

9. 42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers@N1000

10. Whatsapp Business Marketing@N1000

11. A comprehensive Guide to Retargeting@N1000

12. How to Create A Virtual Dollar Card For Nigeria Advertiser with Card Declined Issues@N3000

13. Local SEO@N1000

14. Essential of marketing@N1000

  1. Advertising Psychology@N1000

16.Creative Strategy Planning and Development@N1000
And Many More In Single Folders

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